Spiritual friendships dating

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and especially an enduring sense of purpose and meaning.This brilliant adventure park contains many related themes.Some cropped up in earlier posts, such as the idea that the five dimensions (physical, biological, psychological, social and spiritual) are seamlessly interconnected.Others, such as the key role of the emotions, will be focused on in more detail in later entries.

As the fallen leaf never rises to rejoin the tree, so is this a point of no return.

The significance of these experiences is re-enforced by ‘synchronicities' unexpected but meaningful coincidences; such as may occur when two people meet for the first time, who later become life partners. Joy and wonder, dualism and holism, and the two ways of experiencing time are just some of the myriad themes to engage with in the spirituality adventure park.

Synchronicities and serendipities - unexpected discoveries - often go together. Some of the rides may feel challenging, more intimidating than exhilarating at first. Why not experiment using all five senses and your capacity for mindful reflection? Copyright Larry Culliford Dear Larry, you paint a wonderful picture of the great potential of a spiritual way of live, and no doubt more will unfold in your subsequent posts.

Kairos was the name of the Greek god who symbolized chance, fortune and synchronicity.

He habitually came calling at the perfect moment, when all was ripe and ready.

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