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And that starts with acknowledging what you’ve done.One of the things that many people do wrong when they’re facing down what they’ve done is that they try to excuse themselves. Jeckyll, they didn’t turn him Motherfucker, I called you out to your face IN MARCH about shit you did almost a decade ago.Yeah, they may never have locked the door and refused to let a woman out until she blew them, but they weren’t that far off either.They may have taken advantage of those “blurred lines” or let the liquor do the persuading.

On the one hand, we have the “I’m sorry I got busted” apology.While I dislike the smugness behind the saying, every saint When we treat life as a dividing line between the Pure and the Problematic, it creates a disincentive to actually engage with one’s own sins.Why bother trying to grow and improve, when your past will only be held against you?They were the shitty edgelord who loved to taunt women with raunchy, offensive “jokes” and terrorized marginalized people because of the lolz.Some were the guy at the club who played grabass or at the party who thought it was funny to rub his boner against someone’s leg.

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