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In general women display very little initiative, but they will almost always say yes if you invite them to go and grab a coffee, even if they have a boyfriend or are married.What they look for on the surface in men, ultimately does not satisfy them, so, they will not want a relationship with you if you don’t provide the stereotype they need, but they will be interested in your being different, in you challenging them intellectually and giving them attention.The heaviest meal is served around noon, and is always preceded by soup, which fills.They also work a lot and are more stressed than they ever realize, which burns calories. They are extremely family oriented, they are much more keen to have children of their own than western women.This does something to a person of course and they are quite profound, sullen and mostly unhappy, but there’s a philosophical quality to them that western women in the same age category do not have.Older Slovak women can be very highly educated and very well read and uncompromised by capitalist propaganda which leads women to invest more in their bra collection than their brain.(Yes, they mistake feeling feminine for being dominated). They have deep eyes that speak of thousands of years of suffering and surviving against all odds. I suppose hunting clothes takes them a lot of time, energy and money, but looking good is part of what fuels them.

Alternate between wearing sportsy clothes and tuxedos. How will it look when she takes you home and introduces you to her parents? It most certainly is not, but they like to believe that.Perhaps I had some vague idea about living in the US, Slovenia or Russia, who knows, I don’t remember, but her answer got stuck in my head. But yes, Slovak women certainly make the top five, easily.And yes, of course I can’t say anything truly valid about some 3,000,000 individuals, but, I don’t know, this is based on my observations and if you don’t like it, then don’t fvcking read it, ok? Here goes, in general: They are quite dominant, so if you want to get them, you will have to be more dominant than they are.At the same time I thought that it couldn’t possibly be true. At the time I had absolutely no idea I would one day go and live in Slovakia.I think I wasn’t really planning to leave Belgium behind at the time. Ukranian, Russian and Serbian women are also total knock-outs.

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