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, all depict messages expressed during relational conflict.

Such conflict is inevitable, common, and consequential in close relationships.

Full-on fights happen when couples lose their connection."Relationship Red Flags The first time a couple tackles a thorny issue together can be nerve-racking. Aim to send a message that reads ' We're a team.

I like you and I feel connected to you right now.'" We pick up on emotions and register them, so no matter what words you're using, the other person will be able to see your true feelings. Even if it takes some time, wait until you are calm, clear and connected before saying what's on your mind.

I mean, no one really wants to be arguing with their partner over anything.

However, there are some fights that can be used to make your relationship better than ever.

It also shows that you are paying attention to how the other person feels if you do your best to avoid doing this.

With social media being a big part of many people's lives, having an argument about why an ex is contacting you is normal.

Regardless if arguing makes you a little nervous about the status of your relationship, as long as it's not placing a constant strain on you or your S. Not sure whether or not your arguments are the ones that will eventually make your relationship stronger? According to Match, sharing your lifestyle needs and preferences with your significant other from the start will show you whether or not they are interested in compromising.We may even start to gloat about the flat, ever calm quality of the relationship waters.But if six months has passed in your relationship without even the slightest hint of a mild tiff you may have to ask yourself: Are you afraid of the first-fight hurdle?A couples therapist on how to survive your first argument and fast forward to make-up time. A new relationship moves along swimmingly, without glitch.It's stress-free, guilt-free and conflict-free to boot.

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