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Supported carriers may hide those settings and may use carrier profiles which configure all cellular data settings.If you insert a SIM card for a carrier which does not preconfigure the settings, the ability to modify those settings reappear in the menus.For instance -- Phone-Is-Unlocked I updated my i Phone 4S from i OS 8.4.1 to 9, and it is still unlocked.My concern is that I may want to change to a different carrier in the future.Now we'll configure your Go Phone account with a data plan and add some credits for calling.(If this password doesn't work, just reset it online.) 20.

Watch those at home on Wi Fi and sync some TED talks or podcast episodes to watch while you're on the go.

You also have unlimited text messaging which is handy.

Streaming video, especially HD video like HBO Go, eats data fast.

Choose "AT&T" for the carrier then click "Create Profile".

Safari will exit and prompt you to install the custom APN settings.

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