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Yes, I do often get angry and frustrated, but in this instance I really felt that my anger was unhealthy and such that I would be wise to remain silent for a spell . I directed my energies into sorting and wrapping Christmas gifts .

It was good therapy – a pleasant task which consumes a lot of time and had to be done.

No response from “Don.” Another cheery “Bye, Don.” Still no response, and words to the effect that he (“Don”) didn’t hear her. First in the courtroom, and then they headed out and down the hallway together. Fourteen men who suffered as boys at the hands of this wolf in sheep’s clothing have found the courage to to come forward and contact police! That, as you know, is fourteen The judge’s ruling has been posted: 05 December 2017: R. Smith (Sentence Section 156) (002) 05 December 2017 Please take the time to read it.

As they approached the entrance, they were joined by a tall gentleman. Not only does the ruling give us information about the nature of the charges and a bird’s eye veiw of the proceedings to date, it also helps us to understand the process.

I understand from what I heard that the complainant was at home with his mother waiting for word of the verdict. The aftermath aside, the judge’s ruling was one of those which went back and forth often leaving us hanging on a thread wondering which way she would finally rule. There isn’t a lot to say, but there are a few things which I do want to and must pass along, but now is not the time. Please keep the complainant and his family in your prayers.

I interjected that I was quite certain that the complainant would be absolutely devastated by the news. Alas, that court date was adjourned because Father Desjardins was admitted to hospital with heart problems. As those of you who have been through this yourselves know, and often much to your surprise, this is usually a very difficult time for victims. ***** Those who keep tabs on New to the Site know that the following two names have been added to the Accused list: Father Guillame Pellerin Father Alexis Joveneau omi I am working on getting some information together on Fathers Edward Cormier and Clement Guy Melansno.

Eric, who shaves his body, probably – as the Crown suggested and the complainant “Robert” said he was told – to make his muscles stand out.

That’s Eric the body builder, who I personally discovered, has very nude and filthy pictures posted in several places online, including on sites which feature gay porn. Enough for now, Sylvia Today is day one of Father Brian Boucher’s tw0-day preliminary hearing.

Think time 🙂 ***** Sentencing for former long-time Chancellor of the scandal-plagues Alexandria-Cornwall Diocese Denis Vaillancourt is tomorrow: 9 am, sentencing, courtroom #7, Cornwall Ontario courthouse (29 Second St. Hod Marshall Two more pictures have been added of now deceased serial Basilian molester Hod Marshall who was defrocked/laicized shortly after entering his guilty pleas in January 2014. Here are the pictures: 1956-1957: Teaching Math and coaching basketball at St.

W.) I had hoped to travel down to Cornwall for the sentencing but don’t think now that that will be possible. Both pictures show that Marshall was definitely teaching Math and coaching basketball at St. Thomas High School (Houston Texas) yearbook pictures: It’s interesting to see the”Pray for me” hand-written inscription on the Varsity Basketball picture.

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