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language using the dynamic equivalence principle of translation.This translation approach gives more attention to the meaning of the original languages rather than their form.There are cases where the mobile phone requires so called JAD (Java Descriptor) files. These JAD files has to be uploaded, on this case, together with the desired JAR files(s).There are different methods to download the applications in your mobile phone as follows: 1.There are also Scriptures formatted to suit serious Bible readers (Diglot Bibles and scholarly Bible editions), for young people (student Bibles), and children (Children’s Bible and Scripture comics).PBS likewise makes the Scriptures available for the visually impaired and other audiences.A good advice is to try in the beginning the MIDP 1.0 / 128 Kbytes version, and progressively to advance to MIDP 2.0 and larger volumes (512 Kbytes or more).The application is available for MIDP 2.0, MIDP 1.0.

Acknowledgment must appear as follows on the copyright page of printed works using the MBB text, or in a corresponding location when the MBB is quoted in other media: “Scripture texts are from the Magandang Balita Biblia © 2012 Philippine Bible Society, used with permission.” When quotations from the MBB are used for non-commercial or non-saleable media, such as church bulletins, orders of service, posters, presentation slides, and similar formats, a complete copyright acknowledgment is not required, but the initials “MBB” must appear at the end of the quotation.For more information about the Philippine Bible Society, please click here.Special note for ANDROID Smart Phones I recommend to download Phone Me emulator for Android from here. Download and install Phone Me, as mentioned above.4.You say YES and the application will be downloaded on your mobile phone. Probably, you will be asked by the mobile phone where you want to save it (e.g. After you made this selection, the file will be ready to be loaded for run. Once the application is downloaded (preferable on the desktop) you will have to set up the wired connection between the mobile phone and the computer.The displaying preference can be set inside the application in order to have larger fonts, full screen display etc. By wireless Bluetooth access to the mobile phone Sometimes there is a need for a special uploader software for specific mobile phones. You have only to activate Bluetooth access on your mobile phone (check if exists) and on the computer (check if exists). By cable link between PC ad mobile phone Sometimes there is a need for a special uploader software for specific mobile phones. On this case, you will download the application by using the computer from the Internet (i.e. Next, you will start the synchronization / data transfer application and download the JAR file in your mobile phone.

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